Hajar Tower

Hajar Tower

Hajar Tower Real Estate Company comes amongst a leading network of economically heavy-weight organizations in the Middle-east region. This network of companies covers a wide range of leading projects spread around the globe.

1. Aayan Real Estate Company: Holds 31.5% of the capital.
2. Bin-Laden Group of Saudi Arabia: Holds 25% of the capital.
3. Commercial Real Estate Company: Holds 20% of the capital.
4. Al-Masa´a Real Estate Company: Holds 16% of the capital.
5. Kuwait Shopping Complexes Company: Holds 7.5% of the capital.

The above shareholders came under an investment coalition in a unique project in holy Makkah at the gates of the holy Ka´abah within Abraj Al-Bait project "king Abdul-Aziz endowment project"

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