Property Management

A´ayan Real Estate company is pleased to offer its property management service along with other service , providing you with extensive and best expertise in the highest return on your investments . This service includes :

  • Real Estate service
  • Financial Issues
  • Legal Issues
  • Technical and maintenance Issues
  • Operational expenses settlement

Real Estate Service

  • Real estate and technical surveys.
  • Promote the vacant units.
  • Conduct lease contracts.
  • Studies to increase and find out other resources for income.
  • Follow up and monitor service like cleanness and security.
  • Perform periodic studies on realty market to evaluate the rent values of similar properties.
  • Reports on lease demand compared to vacancies.
  • Customer service.

Financial Issues

  • Rent collection and track legal issues.
  • Prepare the monthly financial reports (expenses, income and collection).
  • Prepare and issue monthly statement of bills.
  • Prepare debt and credit liabilities reports.
  • Prepare petty expenses reports and technical expenditures like maintenance and services.

Legal Issues

  • Arrange reports and monthly statements showing legal follow-up results.
  • Follow-up with finance department.
  • Prepare notice statements for defaulters.
  • Prepare, present and track lawsuits.
  • Carry out all execution procedures.
  • Collect funds that maybe deposited in court.
  • Follow-up with lawyers´ bureaus.
  • Compose contracts.

Technical and maintenance Issues

  • Tracking and monitoring all maintenance jobs for electrical and mechanical systems.
  • Offering advice on all maintenance expenses to best serve the property´s benefit.
  • Supervising and monitoring the emergency maintenance.
  • Servicing the purchase department to facilitate and speed up the execution of Technical services.
  • Concluding specialized maintenance contracts if necessary (after getting owner´s approval).
  • Supervising the civil maintenance, works completion and the vacant units´ outfit.
  • Issuing full monthly reports to owner stating the property´s executed maintenance jobs.

Operational expenses settlement, including:

  • Technicians´ salaries for their working hours charged on the property.
  • Maintenance contract values (if needed) like: gardening, satellite, firefighting, elevators, parking systems, security systems. Etc.
  • Spare parts, maintenance and special commodities , construction materials , units´ equipment and periodic maintenance.
  • Electricity and water consumption.
  • Insurance policies covering owner´s properties.
  • Lawyers´ fees.

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